#4 – The Key to Freedom

In this episode I talk about scientifically proven benefits of meditation, mindfulness, the present moment, meditation apps and a basic zen meditation. ——————————————————————— Beginner meditations : (5 min.) (10 min.) ——————————————————————— Works Cited : Hanson, Rick. Buddha’s Brain: the Pratical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom. Readhowyouwant.com Ltd, 2011. Harris, Sam. Waking up: a Guide…

#3 – Heating Towards a Brink

In this episode I introduce the idea that many of us have heard before, climate change. I discuss the exponential rate of global warming, future implications if we continue burning carbon, electric cars and renewable energy. ——————————————————————— Works Cited :  https://samharris.org/podcasts/what-you-need-to-know-about-climate-change/ https://www.tesla.com/gigafactory https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/07/climate/ipcc-climate-report-2040.html ——————————————————————— Recommended Link : https://climate.nasa.gov/

#2 – Examining the Future of Automation

In this episode, I talk about which occupations are most likely and least likely to be automated by machines, self driving cars, UBI and wise career paths in the era of automation. ——————————————————————— Works Cited : Rouhiainen, Lasse, and Cindy Estra. Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today about Our Future. CreateSpace, 2018. https://www.yang2020.com/ https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ibm-watson-radiology_us_55cbccf9e4b0898c48867c56…

#1 – Exploring AI

In this episode, I introduce the idea that intelligence is substrate independent, artificial intelligence, common applications of computer code and the holy grail of AI. ——————————————————————— Works Cited :   Bostrom, Nick, and Parot Françoise. Superintelligence. Dunod, 2014. Tegmark, Max. Life 3.0. Vintage Books 2017.  Kurzweil, Ray. How to Create a Mind: the Secret of Human Thought Revealed….

“The Most Important Conversation of Our Time” (Video)

  This video includes clips from David Silver of Deepmind, neuroscientist Sam Harris and Elon Musk on the progress and potential pitfalls of AI. The title refers to the late physicist Stephen Hawking on artificial intelligence being “the most important conversation of our time.” ——————————————————————— Video best enjoyed with headphones.

The Holy Grail of AI (Text)

  ——————————————————————— Artificial Intelligence: computer software that performs tasks that would normally require the skills of a human being. Examples include world champion Go players, self driving cars, a Jeopardy! champion and the Google search engine. The reason humans now dominate the Earth is due to minor changes in brain size and neurological organization from our last…